Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crown Financial, FlyLady, Church and library!

Well...this morning has been busy for me.

Today I contacted Crown Financial Ministries in the hopes that they can help us, or at least point us in the right directions and with a few tools, we'll be headed towards a better financial future. I'm just awaiting a phone call from someone local.

I also read my Flylady emails, and gave a few friends a challenge for today! I'm doing well with my new weekly cleaning plans!

We'll be headed to church soon, and it's been a few Sunday's. I hate getting out of the habit, because it takes a few more Sundays to get back into church for me.

Afterwards, we're headed to the library, so I can get a few books and housekeeping and financial advice, tips, etc.

So today is going to be busy! I also have a bible study to catch up on! It's on the book of Jeremiah!

I need to get going.

Much love,


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