Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Story & Picture

One of the fountains on the shore front - Avalon, CA

After Mickey passed away, love in the form of letters, cards and money came pouring in. To this day, I can't tell you just where it all came from. I have kept the letters, but haven't been through them since they first arrived. We were so blessed with money, that our family urged us to take a trip. To get away and just be together. How can you plan a trip, when you feel as though your heart is breaking still? I don't know how we managed it, but the plans were made, and the dates set. The costs paid for.

We were going to Catalina Island. Back to California, and the water. A place Wayne and I have fond memories of as children.

We drove to Dana Point, and spent a day there, went on a whale watching boat, that had more waves than whales. The rush of being on the bow of the boat still brings a smile to my face. The smell of the sea air, salty, fishy, fresh, and clean. Nothing else is like it in this world.

We took a boat to the island, and that was another ride we both enjoyed. A few people couldn't handle the rather choppy ride across the channel, but again...we reveled in the speed, the tossing, the wild nature of the ocean. We are ocean lovers, through and through.

Landing was fun, and I couldn't soak it all in fast enough. Our hotel picked us up, and drove through the small winding streets of Avalon. Up a hill and there we arrived to our home for the week. At the end of our road, we could look over the harbor, the boats, the tourists, and in the distance...the coastline.

These are fond memories, though it was a difficult time as well. Every stroller, child;s laughter, bulging belly and tiny clothing store drove home that we'd lost our son, just a few short weeks ago.  But looking back now, I can say that this experience helped prepare us for those moments we'd see the babies and children in the grocery stores at home, and in church.

God is good to us. He was then, and is now.

One day, I pray we can take the kids to Catalina Island. The island that offered us relief, anonymity, freedom, solace and bonding together.


  1. How awesome that God provided a trip for your family to heal. <3

  2. How awesome that God provided a trip for your family to heal. <3

  3. It was a good time, even in the midst of the grief we still carried with us.

  4. So vivid! So glad you and Wayne had that time together.

  5. It's all from memory of that time. Even the smells, my brain recalled!

    I'm glad we did too. :-)

  6. I'm continually amazed at the healing God provides for hearts that are so fragile. I too am very glad you and Wayne took that trip to Catalina.

  7. I too am amazed at His tenderness and care for those who are so fragile and hurting beyond words.


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