Monday, August 5, 2013

Desiring The Written Word

When I write, I get stuck thinking it should just flow out of my brain and onto the screen, perfectly arraigned and spelled correctly.  
But y'all, that does NOT happen. 

The blank screen will mock me, time and time again. All those amazing thoughts I just had,
 Like they didn't exist. How very annoying. I admit, I stop when spell checker adds that lovely red squiggly line under a misspelled word. Apparently my brain can't keep functioning while those lines are on the page.(smirk)

I've been learning a lot, in my quiet time the past few weeks. I want to share, but honestly, it seems overwhelming to share it! Daunting too, to have it come out and make sense. I hate that things seem to make sure, beautiful sense in my head, but when it comes to putting it down in a manner honoring to Him, eh uh uh.
Not happening
 I get frustrated, and back away from blogging when that happens. But in the stepping away, my heart is tugged back even more to the share of words, the sharing of hope, the sharing of what He is doing in me, and my life. In my marriage. In my role as a mother. See, right now I'm getting excited and overwhelmingly needing to just tell you EVERYTHING. I have to mentally slow myself down, so I can focus, and have it make sense for you.
Not everyone speaks Peggy. (grin)

So, here I am, attempting to slow down, focus, and seek His will for this blog, for my testimony, for the desire to write. It seems I'm always trying to seek it. Well...'seems' is the right word. While I wrote that I was, I really wasn't. I was avoiding asking Him what He'd want me to write about. To share. Yeah...I'm done avoiding, even if it does get painful. I can't promise anything, but I do know that this desire to write and share comes from Him. The particulars...well those will iron out in the process.

Until then, you get the joy of a possible wild ride through the way I think! (wink)


  1. I suppose I may be the expert on speak 'Peggy.' I just love the way your mind works. Keep the words coming - eventually they'll say what you wanted to mean.

  2. Love that "not everyone speaks Peggy". :) True, and yet even while you may think you stumbled through this post (the impression I got from your words), I saw more personality in it. Y'all, smirks, eh uh uh....being yourself and letting your personality shine through makes the post more entertaining. Well Done!!

  3. Thanks Deanna! I appreciate it! :D


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