Saturday, January 29, 2011

Roles:Traditional VS Modern

I hold some views of life in which many do not agree with. Some of them I do not speak of, but believe are the most important.
I believe men and women have strengths and weakness which compliment each other. Physically speaking and much more than that.  Women in the work force is a rather new mentality and idea.  Few centuries, women typically stayed home, raising the children and keeping the home. With the feminist movement, this view of life was changed into something to be avoided, something to look down on, something to run away from.  But is it really so 'bad'? Should it not be looked at as another profession, along the lines of attorney, doctor, administration?
What is so wrong with being a housewife, stay home mother? You have the ability to arrange your days as you like, and although the pay is small and thanks are slow in coming, you hold the family and home together. You have the ability to encourage you husband, make a welcome restful place for him after work, teach your children what you wish, showing them life and traditions which only you can.
Women are more naturally inclined towards nurturing, loving, caring and encouraging of those around them. Men are more naturally inclined to leave the home and bring back the wages, provide for the physical needs of the family. It's a complimentary relationship.  One which was designed by God to be that way.
I have been thinking more and more of my role in our family of two. How I can help my husband while he is away from the home, earning a living to support us both. He has much on his shoulders, while I have little. We are partners and as such need to help each other. So how do I do that?  I'm not eager to go look for a job, truth be known. I would rather stay home, and possibly earn something from home someday. Until then, how do I bless our home?
Besides the obvious tasks of cleaning and organizing, there are the more subtle ones.  Things like encouraging my husband, reminding him I am thankful he works for us and much much more.
I am a housewife in training. Being such doesn't come natural to me, I'm an independent sort typical of our society today.  But I love my husband and love to make him happy and proud. So I learn to find purpose in a different direction from which I'd originally desired.
Staying home with Michael was a huge blessing to me. While it was hard to be the primary caregiver and homemaker, and at times I was upset for what I saw as lack of help, I am now a bit more wise. A bit more understanding.
My new job, of my own choice, is to build our home. Make our home strong, loving, kind, supportive and wise. To make our home a home after Gods heart and purpose. This starts with me. This starts with small choices to bless and not resent. To love and not bicker, to build up and not tear down.
I'm sure there will be a modern twist to our roles, some days I won't want to do anything, and my husband will be happy to serve me by doing them. That is the nature of an equal relationship.  When one can't, the other does.
I am blessed to bless others.

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