Monday, June 27, 2011

He's a blessing

We're having a boy. Another precious son.

I had been so sure it was a girl, so sure thats what we 'needed' so we didn't feel so sad about Michael. That it might be too hard, should we have a boy.

I was apprehensive in the waiting room today for many reasons. Wishing my Dad was there, missing Michael. Not sure how we'd react to the sex.

The tech was wonderful, kind and fun.  She took her time, let us see our baby from as many angles as the baby would allow. :)

Then, she said, "See there? It's a boy!"

I felt so peaceful, calm, acceptance and joy.  It was right, it was good. Perfect.

I know sometimes, it'll be hard, but it would have been with a girl as well. So now...we are truly happy. I'm glad we're welcoming a son to our family again.

God is good, and He knows best.

(PS, his name will be Jeremiah Prater Spencer, or JP for short)

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  1. Awesome peggy!!!! Jeremiah is a GREAT name! Congrats on Team blue!!!!


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