Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Linky Wednesday

I surf the internet, a lot.

And I read up on a variety of subjects, everything from politics, to natural birth, from royal watching to you tube videos. What can I say, I'm a curious person! ;)

So, here's what I've been looking at lately!


Kesi'Art - a French website for scrapping!

Birth/Baby related:

Project: Baby Labor Book - I love this idea, and am beginning to create my own!

Get Posh To Push: the basics of breastfeeding - a great post on a different way to look at BFing.

Cord Blood: Why Delayed Cord Clamping Can Benefit Your Baby - that's pretty explanatory!


Classic Flourless Chocolate Cake - OMgosh I need to make this!

Personal stuff:

Body Wax - Making your own body wax! This I have to try!

News Story's:

Medal of Honor Winner - This is a great story, as all the MOH winners are, of honor, duty, survival and love of those you serve with.

Netflix Prices Being Raised - I can't say that this doesn't surprise me. Especially as more and more people have to cut back, but want to enjoy a cheap form of entertainment. Even with the raise in cost, Netflix is still cheaper than many cable services out there.
Some interesting things out in the world, these days.

Lots of things happening. What's happening in your area of the world?

Big, small, doesn't matter! I'd love to know. :)

Also, any other links along these lines that you think I should check out,

give them a shout out! Thank you!

Surfin Along,


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