Sunday, July 10, 2011

Media Monday

Media and my Walk with God. What does that mean, and why am I blogging about it? I follow a lot a blogs and one, Woman Living Well, issued an 8 week challenge. To open ones' eyes to social media and the impact it's having on me in various areas of my life.

This is going to be uncomfortable for me. You'll learn why as we go through the challenge.

So lets start with the first post, shall we?!

Courtney, from Women Living Well, asks these questions:  What is the draw to media for you?  Is it for information, wisdom, tips and tutorials, entertainment, connection or other reasons?  And what good or bad effects has it had on your walk with God?

What draws me to media is the information and connections to others, being able to interact with others and learn from them. I'm an information hog, I love learning, reading, etc. So the internet in particular is where I spend the majority of my time.

I also know that it's a way to entertain myself, or lose myself.  After the passing of my son, I turned to the internet to escape, to grieve, to pour out my grief in a blog, to talk to others who'd gone through it, to get help.  It became a source of help, and a habit. But also a way to leave life behind.

When my Dad passed, I know I've used it to not deal with my grief. I still mourn him, he's been gone only 2 short months. Unlike with my son, I can't pour my grief out about my Dad.  So I evade my feelings, by going online, engaging others in conversations.

My walk with God? As much as I don't want to admit this, my response it, WHAT walk with God? I haven't opened my Bible in weeks...this was the same with my son. I'm afraid to hear God's voice, to open myself up to Him and therefore grieve.

So for me, media is my escape from personal life, my escape from hearing God's voice, my road block to healing and His peace.

I know this series will be difficult, but it'll also be good. Hang in there with me!

Media Hound,



  1. Oh my... my heart is overwhelmed for your grief. Father God, I pray for my friend, whom I have never met... on the other side of this screen, but whose heart is broken from her loss. Help her to walk through her grief, to find refuge in Your Word, to find peace through Your scriptures. I thank You for her honesty, for her bravery. Thank You Lord for Peggy and allowing her to express her deep grief. Amen.

  2. Thank you, your words have blessed me. Thank you.

  3. My heart is also touched by your grief. I could not begin to imagine, but I know this....God doesn't let us go even when we don't feel like He is there. And when we feel distanced from God, it helps to have others to connect to who can encourage us. I'm hoping the same outlet that has been your escape, may provide you resources and encouragement to help you reconnect to the God who loves you, and wants to know you better.

  4. tracey-lynn10 July, 2011

    wow i will be praying for you.i pray you do open your bible and read and hear what God is telling you. To see what he is showing you. To find peace. You are braver then i am. i head my pain for many years. drank alot. at times i still do. But i do trust God and reach out to him. i will br reading and checking on you. never have bloged before. computer dummy. but i want to see your growth and the change in you. go girl. lots of prayers love you hun.

  5. Thanks Tracey-Lynn, I started a blog just for my son about a week after he passed and wrote in it for a year. It helped me a lot, and in so many ways.

  6. Thank you. I know He'll provide them, He's been consistent. I just have to open my Bible and be willing to hear, no matter how hard it is, or how loving.

    Again, thank you.

  7. Oh Peggy - thank you so much for your honesty. I'm a media hog too - we are in this together. I don't use media as an escape but I completely see how it could be used in this way. Thank you for your transparency and I'm saying a prayer for you tonight - to the Great I AM - that you would hunger and thirst for a word from him like never before and that you would find him to be your bread of life. Turn to him in his word - read the great I AM statements in your Bible this week - take one a day - read the surrounding verses in the passage and let his love fill you up and comfort you - he loves you so.

  8. Thank, love you too Jacki :)

  9. Thank you Courtney. I appreciate it.

  10. Thanks for your honesty! it sounds like all of this has been so hard; and I am sorry for your grief. I do believe that God does carry you through these times.

    Found you through Courtney's media series - thanks!

  11. Thank you Heather!

    It has been, but it's through the fire that the rainbows come. I hold that thought close! And I hold even closer still the knowledge that God hasn't left my side, and is more than likely carrying me often.




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