Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monsoon Season Offers Many An Opportunity

Tonight I spent the early part of the evening outside, with my Mom and our cameras. A monsoon storm was a-brewin!

These are some of the pictures I got from tonights showing!

Some of the clouds were just beautiful, with a color that was unusual.

Some of the clouds were beautiful, with an unusual color to them.

Then I tried my hand at getting the strikes, and got many like this.

Then I tried my luck at getting the strikes of light, and got a few like this.

So while I waited for the lightening to get closer, I played with a star filter and solar lights.

Then, I got this beauty! Amazing.

The funnest part. The inner dialog while waiting for these photographs. It went something like this:


:deep breath out:
Relax Peggy, wait.

:restless shifting resulting in missing a shot:
I told you, patience. Relax dude...

:another deep breath out:
I have to pee

No I don't I can hold it!

:shifts back n forth on her legs:

Focus, Peggy Jean!

:steadys arm on fence post:
You said you wanted to take these kinda pictures, so straighten up here kid.

YES! That was perfect!


See told you it was funnier inside my brain tonight! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I sure do!

Have a great night everyone!

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