Friday, July 15, 2011

Preparing for Birthing

Preparing for birthing, known as labor, doesn't begin with the first surges, otherwise known as contractions. It doesn't even begin when you get the positive home pregnancy test.  It starts sometime before, and isn't fully realized until pregnancy happens. As I continue preparing for birthing, (labor), I realize something about myself. I am strong enough to do what needs be, when needs be. By searching the internet, I've found several craft projects to help me focus on the tasks at hand.

The first being, a 'Labor Book', but I'll call it, my Focus Book. Full of verses & quotes, pictures of inspiration & helpful imagery, I pray it helps me to remain calm, and focused. I pray the verses help remind me of where my true strength comes from, from God Himself.  I want to make mine small, so it's more portable, and I can carry it with me in the last few weeks or month.

My next crafty idea, is to create a necklace, full of beads from friends whom I wish were near during the birthing, or who give me love and support when I've needed it. This necklace will be unusual, mis-matched, probably wild and bit fun. But I think it describes them, and myself, perfectly. I can't wait to see what they get me! :)

As I continue to make plans and figure things out, I enjoy each kick, movement and feeling I get from Baby J. Pregnancy is a road that I choose to enjoy, even in the uncomfortable, painful and unknown ways. God is in control of it, not me. I need to remind myself of that one, daily!

What did you do to prepare for pregnancy? I'd love to know!


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