Friday, September 30, 2011


I accept Gods plan, once again.

Once again, His plan is not my own, is far from what I envisioned and full of grace and mercy. Also, full of trials and moments of grief over lost desires.

But in those moments of trials, and changing plans...I see Him. I see His mercies on us to grant us more time to baking baby J. I see His loving kindness and care of us, to have a random stranger offer us tickets to a concert that my husband really wanted to go to. I see His grace in the eyes of the nurses who cared for me and J in the hospital.  I know His has prayer warriors out there, praying for us. I know He has a plan for J. Just as His plans for Mickey continue to be seen.

It's amazing and slightly terrifying when you see the possible path He wants you to take. To see how your life and all your experiences can be used to help others. If you open yourself up and allow it, allow His calling to be obeyed.

He uses our testimony and our faith to help others. To give to others that hope that life doesn't have to be so painful. It doesn't have to be so hopeless.

Lord...I'm willing...make me able. Not my words but Yours and Yours alone, can heal and give hope and peace. Open my ears, my eyes and make my words speak Your truth and love.

In His Hands,


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