Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rest, Trust and Know

Rest: To cease action, putting to rest, repose, relief, peace, refresh, be still.

The meaning can vary, according to your source, and your aim. But this is more of a spiritual rest. A spiritual rest that causes my mind to be at ease, and full of His peace. To not be anxious for anything.

Trust: to have confidence, to hope.

My soul longs to trust Christ and His promises. To trust without fault.

Know: recognize, understand, to see, discover.

I must know my God, fully and truthfully.

Right now, He's been pressing these words (actions) on my heart. To REST in Him. To TRUST Him. To KNOW Him. In the knowing of Him, the trust and rest will come. How can I not trust the God of my faith, when He's held me up during the darkest times of my life? His word is faithful, He will again hold me up and give me strength. Give me the measure of faith for each day.

Oh, but the hardest part is to trust, isn't it? Even when you have a recent example of His faithfulness to encourage you. But I've come to realize that everyday is a choice, every movement of faith is a choice. Every step along the way, is a step of faith, a step of choice.

Step, choices. You decide and move, yet He is there the whole way. Even when it's not according to His plans, or His path for you. He is there.

I must choose to know Him, trust Him and rest in Him. To know that His plan is perfect in every way.  To choose faith over fear or anxiety.

Father God, help me to grow in the knowledge of You. To hold your truth close to my heart, and nothing else. No room for fear or anything not of You.

In His hands,


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