Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trusting God?

Growing up in the church atmosphere, I didn't give much thought to God, or searching the scriptures for myself really. I was blessed enough to have a Mom who taught me and gave me a firm foundation, even though I didn't know it at the time.  It wasn't until we lost Michael that I saw how firm that foundation had grown.

In the days and months after, I grew to knew this Lord and Master I believed in. Even knowing that somethings wouldn't be answered, and something would be really difficult to accept, I loved Him to more I knew of Him. I pressed into Him more in that time than I even had before. But I needed the pressing in. We all need the pressing in.

The more I learn and talk to others, the more thankful I am for the trials in life. Those trials have given me Christ. Shown to me the character of God. Given me peace that my hope isn't misplaced or unfounded.
How do I trust God?

By learning who He is. Searching the scriptures for His own words about Himself. Watching and waiting for His character to reveal itself.  Asking Him to show me the who, how and what of Himself.

Then the next hardest step...accepting that He IS just who He says He is. Just who I find in the scriptures. Accepting is where faith steps in.

Can you trust and accept? What's holding you back from believing? Is it because you don't know what He says about Himself? If so, I urge you to pour over the Word of Life. Seeking Him honestly, asking Him to show your heart and mind the truth of Him. Praying to replace the lies and unknowns with perfect knowledge and wisdom in Him. He will meet you there, right there in that moment.

In His Hands,


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  1. Oh how wise you are dear sister in Christ. Kay (Mom)


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