Monday, December 12, 2011

In My Arms, and Other Random Stuff!

Thats where J wants to be all the time! Or his Daddy's. I'm beginning to try to put him down more often. I love my son, and love that he loves to be held by us. That it's his favorite place to be. Warms my heart! BUT! I need to be able to put him down long enough to do some cleaning. Even if it's in little spurts of time, I'm good with that!

So be praying for us, that he adjusts well to sleeping on his own sometimes during the day!!!!!!! :D

In other news, I'd really like to just toss everything in my a big dump truck. I have no words to express how frustrated I am with it all! :)  I need an organizing show to come help us out, haha!

I love the holiday's. The smells, sounds, the giving spirit, the weather, the time spent with those you love. Why don't we carry those feelings throughout the year? Why not?!

In His Hands,


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