Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas...'s been on my mind.

If you know me, that is NOTHING new! :) I listen to Christmas music all year round. I look at crafts and ideas all year. I wait for the cold snap to herald the beginning of winter and the giving season. The lights, the colors, the sounds and smells. The whole package is what I wait for. *Although I could live without the commercialism, impatience and greed! 

I've been pinning things like crazy into my Christmas board on Pinterest. Here's a look at what's been floating in my head to do!

Source: via Peggy on Pinterest

What a fun gift for a baker you know! Although, I kinda want to do this for myself! :) 

I love the simplicity of this. And the rustic-ness. It would go with the theme I'm attracted too!

I love the idea of gathering cinnamon sticks, but I might use twine instead of the colored yarn. 

Source: via Peggy on Pinterest

I'd love to do this, and somehow use the handwriting of my ancestor from the Civil War. 

I love simple. And this would be easy and simple!

I love the red door, and the decorations! I'd probably add a few more lights! :) 

So yup...thats what I've been looking at! And don't get me started on the FOOD portion of the holidays! :D 

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