Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enjoying This Last Pregnancy

A few people have given me the advice to enjoy this pregnancy, since it'll be our last one. I understand the thought behind it...I really do. I've been so focused on watching J, playing with J and enjoying his 1st year, something that was new to me too. It's hard to redirect a little and enjoy Molly and her little quirks.  But I have noticed that she is responding to J! It's the cutest thing ever...I do believe they are ganging up on me already though...At least they have each others backs, right?? (looking for silver lining!)

I'm sad to say...I haven't taken any official photographs of this pregnancy either. I need too. Molly will appreciate them when she's older, I'm sure. And I don't want to fall into the pattern that so many have done before me. That one child has a lot more pictures than the next ones do.

So my mission for this week...take some photographs of myself, spend time talking to Molly, or just enjoying her movements. Being thankful that my body is her home for now, and that God chose me to be her Mom.

P.S. Anyone got some pickles? Ice Cream? Hot Cheetos? Cheeseburger...? Anyone...?

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