Monday, July 9, 2012

Sensory Play: Applesauce and Cherrios

I'm planning on doing things a little more structured for J, although keeping it loose since he is still kinda young for sternness. I've been looking online, and talking to other Mom friends for ideas and inspiration.

I am kinda ashamed to admit, that I don't really let J play with his food at home. So...I figured today was a great day to start! 

            Applesauce and Cherrios, and let 'er rip! 
              Wasn't too sure about it, but kept touching it. Will try again tomorrow! 

At first I had it in a plastic container, but this was much easier for him. 

As you can see...he was NOT sure about it. 
One bit. 

But he kept touching it...

Overall, I would say it wasn't that great a success, but it was a start! He has this thing about textures, so it'll be fun to see what gets his loving attention, and what doesn't! 

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