Friday, July 13, 2012

Thunder, Lightening and More!

I'm such a HAPPY camper, right now! Yesterday, we have an amazing storm blow thru our little valley, that I 'lovingly' call the *Anything can happen here dust bowl from hell* zone. Either we don't get a drop of rain or snow, and everywhere around us DOES. Or we get a ton of rain or snow and NO WHERE around us does. So weird, how the makeup of the topography makes this so...

The great thing I found out, is that J is NOT affected by thunder. At all! A friend of ours was around, and when there was a huge flash/bang, she jumped. J looked at her like, Um...what's the fuss? And proceeded to go back to chewing on his toy. Yay! My little boy is a storm lover...okay maybe not lover, but he's not bothered by it! Which is great. Seeing as how in this little valley we can get a lot of overhead lightening and thunder at once.

So also, in the strange and random type weather we have in this little valley. We had thunder, lightening, rain, hail, which is all normal, right? Well when you add SNOW to that mix it's down right odd. Especially in July. Especially in Arizona. Especially when you think you're seeing things. I of course, had to jump on my phone and post it to Facebook that I was indeed getting my Christmas in July for a few minutes. I don't think many believed me. :) But I have witnesses...and not just the little man either!

We are supposed to have more storms for the next few days, and it makes me SO giddy. I blame my Mom 100% for this irrational enjoyment of all things stormy. She ruined me, at an early age. Waking me up in the middle of the night to enjoy a dry lightening storm...when I was 5 or 6. Ruined me, I tell ya...(Love you Mom! Thanks for Ruining me!!!! :D)

Now...*looks out of her window* Come on rain!!!!

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