Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Totally Random Post

This is random, and probably won't elicit comments, but...

It's interesting how I find myself looking for interaction, now that I can't turn to Facebook for it. I keep typing it into the address bar, but then closing the window as I remember my goal. 

I've logged into twitter for the first time, since I can't remember when...and I'm not sure that's an acceptable choice either. 

I'm used to spending too much time online, feeding the desire to interact, to voice myself, etc. That I think I've forgotten the pleasure of silence, of 'mundane' housework. And most importantly...the joys of being a Mom. 

I consider my knuckles rapped, once again. 

I'm off to play with my son, and find more important things to do with this time that I've freed up! (Should have done this months ago!)

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