Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What Have I Done This Month??

Ever feel like you haven't accomplished much in your day to day-ness? I know I do!! So I decided to start keeping track at the end of each day. I open my Google calendar, and write what I did that day. Even the simple stuff, like making my bed. Why? Because I wanted to make that a habit. Nothing is better than laying down in a bed that was made that morning. No short sheets, not wonky blanket. Pillows are pre-fluffed for me. Lovely! 

So, here's a look at what my July has looked like, since I started tracking it. Which was half way through.

Huge mountain of laundry put away, folded, hung up, etc. (This means my bedroom floor can be seen!)
Blogs written in advance.
Bed made daily.
Trash out every other day.
Frig gone through.
Living room furniture moved around.
Kitchen pots and pans organized.
Toilet cleaned every other day.
Bread made.
Tomato sauce made.
Lentils cooked and frozen.
Meals for the month of Aug made and frozen.
Brown rice cooked and frozen.
Cleaned out clutter from bookcase.
Washed out washer.
Cleaned stove top well.
Cleaned out microwave.
FlyLady's 27 Fling Boogie a few times.

Now this might not seem like a lot, but it's a lot better than what I had been doing. (i.e. nothing! o.O) It's also not an exhaustive list, like it doesn't include what I've done with J, or the other normal household things like vaccuming, eating, cat litter cleaned often, etc. Also, some days I didn't do much, because all I wanted to do was nap when J did. So I did. I gave myself permission too. It was nice!!!

I just had plans in my head to make sure that I was getting things done, like I should be. Instead of being what people THINK housewives do. I wanted to make sure I was doing my part in my marriage and not taking advantage of being home all day everyday. So every few days, I'd look around and make a list of what needed to be done, then I'd see what I felt like doing that day. And do it. I'd work the fasted when J napped, but I also made sure he was able to see me and what I was doing. I don't want him, or Molly to grow up not knowing that housework was being done. My Dad never saw his mother do anything around the house. So, he didn't do much to help my Mom in the beginning. I think that's a shame, for a child to not see the work, the dedication it takes to make a  house a home.

I'm also working on my mental outlook on house'work'. Seeing it as a blessing to my family. To have things clean, put away, orderly, in their place, food made, dishes to eat off of. Simple stuff really, but to this society of ours, it's under-rated. I'm praying for JOY in providing these simple things to my family. I'm beginning to find it.

I'll be posting a list of things I wanna do in August soon...maybe it'll help me to get them done, maybe not. I'm finding motivation from other sources these days!! :) 

PS. In trying to find a picture for this post, I found so many that said or portrayed negative thoughts about housekeeping. Things like, It'll kill you, It sucks the life out of you, You're his servant, etc. How sad! Especially when keeping the home means better health and less stress, if you think about it! *sigh* Oh, far off you've become!

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