Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebook and Pinterest, O My!

Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging and other pursuits online are all time-suckers. Time wasters. My biggest one is/was Facebook. Now, I've been finding myself on Pinterest a lot more. Pinning my little heart out. Not good. 

First of all...when am I actually going to DO/MAKE/BUY the over 2,100 pins I have/had?! That's ridiculous, borderline obscene. Since Sunday evening, I've been going through my pins and boards, and simplifying. My new thing is, that whatever I have pinned, or will pin, must be something simple, reasonable, and within my current scope of ability. I'm hoping to get things scaled down, so that I can actually do them...instead of just accumulating things I MIGHT do.

So yeah, I had just over 2,100 pins, and of those...I'd done 12. Twelve! That's it...sad! *At last count, I've deleted 3 boards and 462 pins, for a total of 1,638 pin left. Some of the pins will be written down, and then deleted. They don't do any good just sitting on pinterest, when I can use them!

Again, it seems that simple is becoming my favorite thing. So much of life can be over complicated and come with so many accessories, when it's not necessary one bit. Marriage, babies, household goods, Christmas, birthdays, Facebook 'Friends', Pins, electronics, smart this and smart that...Enough already, y'all!


We don't need all that stuff to make life something we can enjoy. In fact...I am coming to believe that all that stuff makes it harder to enjoy life. It bogs us down, scatters our attention, makes friendships or relationships surface and mercurial. So not what I had in mind, ya know? 

So here's too being simple. To making life about life, family and friends. Not about gathering everything under the sun, for those 'just in case' moments.

Here's to having a life without clutter, without the entrapment's that marketers aren't telling us we're supposed to NEED.

Here's too...


P.S. Oh, and I'm limiting my blogs to twice a week now. I want to keep writing, but I don't want to feel the pressure I'd put on myself to write more! ;) I might sneak one in here and there, but otherwise, at least two to be expected from me! :) 

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