Friday, September 14, 2012

Calling All Believers!

This post may be a little discombobulated, so please forgive that. It's in response to the reactions I've been seeing, hearing and once involved in myself.

Dear Believers,

Where does it say we're to keep our heads down in the sand in fear, or with an attitude of if I can't see it, it's not happening?

Where does it state that being involved in politics is not something a believer should do?

Where does it mention that bickering and slander are to be our first reactions, and not prayer?

Why have you(we) joined in the fray of the ugly, the hate and the finger pointing?

Where does God ever say that we are to be so narrowly focused, so minimally entrenched in our own thoughts, or day to day activities, that we forget to pray?

Believers, STOP it! Stop being of the world, and start hitting the floor on your knees before our Sovereign God.

Pray, for the repentance, for the return to Christ, for the revival that is needed, not only in this country, but everywhere!

We are NOT special, that we can escape the judgement of God.
We are NOT given as much as we have, without some expectations on His part of our handling of them.

Believers...stop...stop the nitpicking and start agreeing that prayer and LOTS of it, from repentant hearts, is the ONLY thing that will change this country.

Our hope does not rest in any human form, but God alone.
Our hope does not come from things of this earth, nor from holding the 'right' positions. Only God alone.
Our hope, IS GOD.

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