Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fix My Eyes On Him

I will fix my eyes on Him, not on the fear, worry or stress that is hovering near. 
I will stand firm in the knowledge of the Lord, not on my own understanding, or feelings. 
I will joyfully...thankfully, praise Him for His blessings, not grumble or complain. 
He is my Salvation, my Redeemer, my covenant Lord.

Nothing is too small, or too big for Him to carry my through, or walk with my through it. 

Now that my pep talk is out we go to Phoenix for our OB appointment. 

By nature I'm a worrier. I ruminate on things that should be given to God. Shocking, right? ;) 

I've been praying for peace for today, to keep my eyes on Him and not my worry, or fear. Because He says He did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and discipline. (2 Tim 1:7) Some translations say, of sound mind, good judgement, self-control, instead of discipline. So yes, I've been praying to have the right attitude, the right view. The TRUTH, and not my feelings, or my own thoughts on this. 

It's a struggle for me, you see. To leave things up to Him on a daily basis. I am not one to give up control easily. It's why I didn't partake in drugs as a child, it's why I don't drink to excess. I don't like losing control. However...I must give control over to my Lord. Let Him worry about all of this! 

I'm thankful that He's heard my cries, and that this morning...I have peace. I have contentment in His outcome. 

But please pray in agreement with us, that I get to come home still, and that my health is holding up! It never hurts to let Him know my hearts desire. ;) 
Update: I'm home! My numbers and health are holding steady, thank you God. Little Miss is doing just fine as well. Praise God for His mercies everyday. 

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