Monday, September 24, 2012

How Many Ways To Save Money??

I've been trying to come up with ways to cut back on money here and there, in preparation for paying for health insurance for us all. (It's a big beast, but one we deem necessary!) 

So what have we done?

We've cut our DirectTV out, completely. (- $105)

Got the cheapest internet bill we could, we only have one option for speed out here, but we got a good deal for the service. (- $40)

We've already gone to pre-paid phones a few months ago. (- $65)

Today I figured out how to do some texting online, and not via my phone, so there went the $50 a month for me, to $30. (- $20)

I've also done what I could around the house, to pay less on electricity, although that leaves some to be desired, not sure this house is very well insulated, AT ALL.

We're in the process of moving PO boxes to a closer town, because it's about $20-$25 cheaper. (- $20)

We're also eating more from home, and I'd have to look at our bank account at the end of this month to see how much it's saved us.

Total savings:

Not bad, when you consider we didn't think we could cut anymore. It pays to ask some questions on Facebook and see what others are doing as well as being really honest with ourselves! ;)

Now we're considering getting magicJack Plus, for a home phone. It's a yearly payment of $65, so roughly $5.75 a month for phone service. Small price to pay, so that in an emergency, we don't have to be bounced around on our cell phones to the proper agency! As well as the fact that I'll be able to call people and not rely on my cell phone so much.

Now...lets see if I can find more ways to cut money. lol

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