Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Night, My Words Hurt Him

Last night, my thoughtless words hurt my husband. As I watched his face absorb what I'd said, I knew I hurt him. In that moment, I wish I could have taken the words back, or taken the hurt I'd inflicted. But I can't do either.
All I can do is ask him to forgive me, and once again, try to tame my tongue.

Over at Women Living Well, she posted this post about making a list of things your admire in your husband, and giving it to him. To build him up. It seemed timely, so here I am.

What I admire about my husband:

1. He would do anything to make sure our family is taken care of.
2. He is protective and involved in all our pregnancies and childrens lives.
3. He never forgets to tell me he loves me.
4. He helps around the house, when I seem overwhelmed.
5. He helps my Mom with things around her house.
6. He takes the time to go to his Mom's house and see her, helping her as well.
7. He is nervous about being a Daddy to a girl. (I find this smile worthy, because he wants to do right by her so much!)
8. I love watching him and our son together, they are (will be) two peas in a pod, I believe.
9. I love that he accepted my parents as his own.
10. He picked me, this independent, pain the behind, steam roller of a gal, to love and spend his life with.

She also said to write a list of flaws about our husbands, but I don't think I'll do that. It's so easy to pick apart someone we love, and are close too. It's harder to remember to build them up, to love them, to show respect to them. My focus has been off lately, and my actions and words, show it.

It's time to refocus, and remember what's truly important. The little things are just that. Little things. 

Lord, help me to remember the important things, not the little ones. Guide my thoughts and deeds, so that I'm a builder of people, not a destroyer. 

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  1. Good choice on not listing his flaws and instead, just making a list of his wonderful qualities. As women we get irritated a lot, but a kind and patient husband is a gift from God. My husband is not perfect, but he respects me, never criticizes me, always tries to make me happy, and is the most loyal person I know.



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