Friday, October 12, 2012

Molly is Here!

I finally have a moment to sit and think. Of course, I want to write down what I’m thinking…and you get to read it. I’m sorry…  ;)

So Molly has arrived! In case you hadn't noticed…
She is so tiny, so beautiful and of course she is feisty. I keep telling people I don’t know where she got it from, but of course, I do. ME! :D

She was born October 7, at 7:04pm. 4lbs 13oz, 18 ¼ inches long. Her skin is ruddy, delicate and soft. Her hair has this beautiful blonde cast to it, it’s a lighter brown. Her eyes, well that’s out for debate, as she hasn’t really opened them long enough for me to see what color they are! She doesn’t have dimples, like her brother, but her smile is so lovely and sweet. And kinda impish. Silly girl.

She has stolen our hearts already!

We waited all day Sunday for her arrival, and I wasn’t the happiest of pregnant women. I hadn’t eaten since the night before. And I was so hungry. It made me a little…grumpy. And more grumpy as time went by because they wouldn’t give us a straight answer.

Once we got into the operation room, we were getting prepped, and they had to run to a trauma in the ER. Thankfully, the trauma was okay, and they got back to me.  My surgery lasted about an hour and a half. They not only took Molly out, but gave me a tubal ligation. 3 pregnancies, 3 premature babies, 3 c-sections, 3 times having pre-eclampsia…we don’t want to risk my health anymore, nor the health of any more children.

I got to hold her not long afterwards and we tried breastfeeding, which she did well with. We then found out she has a tongue tie, just like I did when I was young. She’ll get it clipped before leaving the hospital.

So to the reason she is there still, while I am discharged.

She has brachial cardial, although I’m not sure that’s an actual diagnosis. It’s what they've told me. Basically, she has moments when she doesn't breath, either she forgets to, or is too lazy too. She will outgrow it, but it’s something she needs to be monitored for. Until then, she is a resident of the care nursery. They are giving her caffeine to help stimulate her, once a day.  She’s been doing real well on that.

Other than that, she is doing great! She’s been eating, sleeping and otherwise a normal, albeit early, baby girl.

We are so blessed to have her.
This has made me so emotional, so up and down! I’m trying to hang on one day at a time.

I truly do know God has a plan, but the road is rough sometimes. I don’t have a stellar record with fully trusting Him and turning to Him. Sometimes, my situation seems bigger than He is. But it isn’t. Simple as that. Tough as that.

So…here’s me…trying to trust God with things that seem to big. Molly is His afterall…not just mine.


  1. OH Congrats to you Peggy! You sure have been through it with all of your babies but you are right, God has a plan and a reason even if we don't understand. You are so strong and I'm proud of you! I can't wait to see pics of little Molly Dolly!!!! Take care of yourself! What does Jerimiah think? Keep us posted as I have been off of FB for a month now;) Thoughts and prayers to a speedy recovery for you both!!!

  2. He wasn't too sure about it, but now he's protective and curious about her. Thank you! I'll do a post soon with lots of pictures.


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