Friday, November 9, 2012

Babies, Bon Bons and B...?!

...What the heck was I thinking?
I can't remember, so on with the show!

So lets it rained, well, misted enough to make the cars dirty. We're expecting snow overnight, so here's hoping I wake up to a white morning! :)

Molly is growing and thriving, however her little bum is broken out, from what we don't know. It's on it's way to healing, but I wish it would go faster! Poor tike.

J is full of piss and vinegar, but is still his smiling, happy self. Thank you God!

I'm lacking sleep...*yawn* AND energy, but somehow manage to keep going.

I hardly get online, well...hardly compared to what I used to do that is. Which is good overall, but I REALLY miss writing.

If you see my brain though, please tell it to stop sleeping and get back to yesterday.

Also...thank God the elections are over. What's done is done, and we must continue to pray for the leadership of this country. Come on, y'all...prayer never hurt nobody.

Did you hear that some Iran plains fired on a US drone in international air space last week?? Yeah...I didn't know that until today either...or maybe yesterday. It all runs together these days.

Okay so that was completely random and

Here's hoping that I can write SOMETHING...anything, soon. :)

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