Thursday, November 29, 2012


When you're a wife and/or mother, it stretches you. It starts you on your journey of being unselfish. And man...sometimes is it painful!

Romans 6 talks about old self, new self, being made new and apart from sinful living. selfishly is sinful. God created me to love and serve others. Not myself. But OH, lets not forget that we have free will and usually, that means to serve ourselves first. 

I'm trying to serve my husband and family first...but I'll be the first to admit that I'm more cranky, snappy and sometimes...bitter. I lose focus on what my intentions are. I lose focus on whom I'm serving. I lose focus.

I'd love to blog more about this, but as it is my marriage that is currently under doesn't sit well with me to disclose about it. Of course, prayer is always appreciated, and needed. 

Maybe one day, I'll be able to blog about it, more fully. 

May your Christmas be a wonderful one!

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