Thursday, December 13, 2012

Longing To Write

I miss writing, I think I burned out though. I was doing pretty well with having regular posts. I tried to find topics, (general ones), to post on, thinking it would help me have some focus with this blog. But after awhile it got harder to manage that idea. I'm a random thinker, so the random posting works for me. However it doesn't lend itself to consistent readers. So here I am again, trying to figure something out. 

So today I made muffins, from some pretty ripe bananas. It made the house smell wonderful. I forget what fresh baking can do, in the way of making the house 'smelly'. :) 

J woke up many times last night...couldn't figure out why. He wouldn't drink anything, and he wasn't pulling at his mouth like he usually does when it's his teeth. He just wanted to be up, or be held. 

Molly is okay for the most part. She can take awhile to go back to sleep at night...which makes it fun when I'm trying to sleep. 

Nothing prepares you for the love you feel when you're a Mom. Nothing. It's amazing! 

I've been putting together my cooking list for another once a month cooking session. I had planned it being January's menu, but as we're short of food right now, it'll be what we eat the rest of this month and into next. I'm going to have to sit down this evening and really look at the circulars to see where I can get the items the cheapest. I have to make our money stretch. No if ands or buts about it. I don't have much in the way of coupons either, at this point. Keep forgetting to get that Sunday paper! 

I've been working on the house for a few weeks now, and I've kinda slacked off this week. Barely keeping up with the minimum of what needs to be done. 
Breaks are okay, right? Right?! 
Good, I thought so too. Our biggest challenge is the kids room, always has been. We aren't lucky enough to have lots of closet space or outside storage space. So things that would normally be in an outside storage compartment, is currently inside, in one of the small closets we have. It's one of the few things about this house that can irritate me, if I let it

So I guess I should get going, gotta accomplish something before the boy child awakens!

Toodles :) 

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