Monday, July 15, 2013

Exploring Simple

As I can't stop thinking about it, talking about it, searching it, I thought I may as well write about it.

Simple. Simplicity. Keep it simple. 

The movies have been gone through, the music culled. The books considered and weeded through. (I know some of this may be redundant, but bare with me.) Facebook pages and 'Likes' gone through as well as groups. Emails too. Once I started, it seems I couldn't stop. I was looking for areas that needed attention, areas I'd let slide, areas that temptations and distractions could enter my life. I still keep looking. I know there's more He wants me to do. More. I know He will show me.

The definition of simple is this: easy to understand, deal with, use. Not elaborate or artificial, plain. Not ornate of luxurious, unadorned. Unaffected, unassuming, modest. Not complicated.

Some of the synonyms are: effortless, light, manageable, no difficult, plain, quiet, smooth, transparent, straightforward, uncomplicated.

What does simple look like then? What does simple feel like in the home? What does simple smell like, taste like, sound like? What is simple?  I can't fully answer these questions, yet. I want too. I will be praying about this, thinking about it...and sharing.

God bless


  1. To go with this line of thought, look at your time wasters. How are you spending your time, can you simplify things to give you more time with family, or other pursuits. Do you have to much busy time, or wasting time.

    Do what is needed, without going on a tangent of other things. Let the search for simple be good, without becoming the latest in a line of projects (like I do) that sound good and make for good research, more busy work...without actually learning to simplify.

    Learn not to multitask in all things, and simply enjoy more. Seeing God's hand in the mundane. BE.

    Are there hobbies that waste time? Things that you have in the house that you do not use? Get rid of the unnecessary, unclutter.

    Great ideas, I have looked at some blogs where people have simplified. I have not yet made that my own priority. Although I am working on the uncluttering.

    Keep us updated on the progress.

  2. Those are all great Deanna. So much of what I have been thinking to. And a great point about making sure that I'm not doing 'simple' just as another project. Thats what I keep telling myself, to keep it simple, and not just sub it with something else... ;) thank you!


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