Friday, July 5, 2013

Fully Discloser

In the effort to be honest, and transparent, I confess/admit to the following. 

The books that got deleted were romance books. Historical romance, vampire romance, etc. Not only are there multiple sex scenes to read but there's the relationship that seems okay. Seems perfect. But in reality, it's very far from what an honest, true relationship, a GODLY one, should look like. Not only does it set my heart up for pain if my husband doesn't 'perform' to the male characters standards, it also steals my heart from my husband. If I am thinking why isn't Mr. S doing XYZ, and I get upset with him, grumbling, etc...isn't that turning my heart from him? I think so. So no heart belongs first to the Lord, and secondly to my husband, and I must guard it.*I also include christian romance novels, though I may have some disagree with me on this, for myself just reading christian romance opens the door to the other romances. Also, think about this...our romance is individual, amazing, and God planned to the last hair. Why would we want to compare or dream of something mediocre in it's place? Just my two cents worth.

The music I listen too is not just words, it's words of lust, distraction and lies. I should only be listening to words that edify the Lord, honoring Him in their truth. Music is lovely, and has a strong effect on me and my mind. Why do I allow it to come into my head, and make me take my eyes from the Lord? I shouldn' some of it...has to go.

The movies/TV I watch indulge the sinful nature with more and more impurity. The things I watch, stay with me forever. I have allowed certain movies and programs into my home, that I shouldn't have. They demean women, and men, they mock the Word of God in their blatant sin. I don't need reminders how far this world has fallen. I don't need to see the sin first hand. Mostly, my children don't need to see it either. I'm saddened to admit that I'd become caught up in the shows like Mistress, The Vampire Diaries, and many other 'reality tv' shows...I don't need to see that.

I know more will change, I already feel the prompting, and seek to follow it.  I'm nervous, somewhat resistant about some things, to be honest. But I know that the 'pain' of giving up the sinful will pale in comparison to the relationship that will continue to blossom between myself and the Lord, and Mr. S and I.

Stay tuned...I'm sure more will come! ;)


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