Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never Ending

It seems almost never ending, this de-cluttering life. It covers a vast amount of area(s). The pages I 'like' on Facebook, the emails I have coming in, the books I have yet to read, the entertainment I choose, the distractions are everywhere. They are truly vying for my attention, drawing me further down the path towards being that distant parent who doesn't pay attention to the details which are important.

I have to say...distractions can bite the dust. It's disturbing how sneaky and ingrained they can become. How, therefore, difficult they become to eradicate.
I also have to say, that it's becoming rather fun and freeing to see the 'fluff', the distractions, the clutter, being banished. Since I've started doing this, I've kept a look out for continued ways to keep the clutter leaving. Leaving the house, my mind, my attention...leaving.

Life is already way to easy to miss. Too easy to take for granted. I have for too long it seems, spent embarrassing amounts of time online. At certain times, life has passed me by, because whatever was happening online, seemed more important than in person.

I've also spent a little time editing my Pinterest boards, and who I've liked there as well. Just...TO MUCH. I don't need it. I would hazard a guess that you don't either. So I ask you...think about joining me in doing something similar in your own life and home.

What is the one thing that would be hard for you to cut back on, minimize or do away with altogether?


  1. That one is easy, my computer time. I've done better at minimizing it some (not enough) but doing away with would be hard.

  2. I agree! Doing away with the computer just seems...impossible these days.


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