Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Day Without Facebook

Going without Facebook for 11-12 hours today, I learned a few things. Okay, well many more than a few, but I'm just going to share a few. ;)

1) There IS life outside of Facebook.
2) Household duties get accomplished.
3) Spending time on the floor with your kids is lots of fun.
4) Reading an actual book is lovely.
5) Spending approximately 4 hours studying the Bible is awesome.(This I KNOW will not happen often!)
6) Though I wanted to log on, and post my thoughts on what I was reading, I didn't. It 'forced' me to talk them out with God, and journal them.
7) The lack of distractions was very nice. 
8) I found many of my 'old' bible studies, and found that some of them needed finishing. I know what I'll be doing.
9) Spending time with ones own thoughts, instead of just spewing them out for people to read, does good things in the way of naturally editing them. ;)
10) I missed FB. The validation, the agreement, the 'risk' of disagreement. The attention. But I also..didn't miss it after awhile. If that makes sense. 

As you know, I've been rethinking a lot of things. Trying to make simple a focus. Cutting out what distracts me from God, my home. (who are really the same thing, ya know.) Last night, while reading the book, "Seven" I felt the desire to skip Facebook for today. So I did. I only told my Mom and a good friend. I've noticed that I LOVE to announce grand schemes to the world, and not follow through. So instead...I've been trying out something new.

Tell y'all AFTER I've done what I feel led to do. So far, it seems to be fairing better. :) 

On another note, something else I read today...

In "Desperate", written by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson, Sally writes, "We are living in an isolationist culture today and have become accustomed to lonely living that God never intended us to experience. I often felt the keen sting of modern culture's unfamiliar and hostile isolation." (page 19)

She goes on to explain that we are built and made for community, daily interactions with others, building relations face-to-face. In today's society, we are growing farther away from this, and closer to the rude, evasiveness of social media. I know that I myself have fallen prey to this, time and time again. The lure of the masses, but online. Mob mentality...on the interweb. It's a real thing.

So, in an effort to break with the norm, today has been about living with my family, not ignoring them. And ignoring I did. This makes me sad. I have used the computer as a means to escape my family, my home, my thoughts. I use it to invade others spaces, albeit they do the same. Invade seems bad, but really...consider how much we put out there now? What you reveal in those innocent pictures, posts, comments, likes, speaks volumes. Do you ever wonder what it says about you? About the state of your heart?
I didn't. But I do now.

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