Thursday, July 4, 2013


After a talk with my Mom, and acknowledging to myself that I'd been ignoring some nudges from the Lord, I made a choice. 

A choice to make guidelines on what books I allow myself to read. What movies I will allow my eyes to watch. And lastly...what music I will hear.

As a believer, I'm supposed to be different than the world, to have them know me by my words, thoughts and deeds.
Nothing like knowing what a person listens too, watches and reads, and therefore seeing into the heart. YOUCH!
Yup, that hurt(s).
So I went through my kindle.
I went from 86 books, to a meager 27.
That's 59 books gone.
59 books that didn't meet the new standards.
As much as I hate to say it, but most of them were romances. Vampire books. Yeah...
There it is. 
Now I have to edit my Spotify and Pandora stations. Then the movies come next. This is going to hurt. I WANT to watch what I want to watch. Without thought.
However I know that it is asked of me to be holy, because I am holy. As His child. What I put into my brain should be holy and edifying. As pure as possible in this fallen world. 

Sometimes I hate being convicted. I'm way to comfortable in my life. But in that comfort comes apathy, something I DON'T want to be. So Lord...keep convicting me, as you see fit. I pray I listen!! :)

Off the top of my head, these are my guidelines:
No sex scenes
No same-sex relationships
No immoral living (divorce, cheating, living together not married, etc)
No idolatry 
No disrespecting of men as leaders, sons, fathers, husbands.

I'm sure I will add to that list, I'm sure I'll upset some with my choice(s), I'm also sure I may make others feel uncomfortable.

I'll end here...I still have lots to think about and do, about this.

God bless you, <3 br="">


  1. I respect your choice and fortitude. I cant imagine how hard that is as far as books. It makes me really think how many books have content that is disrespectful to men/women.

  2. I went through a few years ago and changed the books I would read, and what I would not. I also took out the secular music. I can't say that I have completely done the same with what I watch. Honestly I watch so little TV, and that has to be something that really catches my attention. So most criteria are met for TV. Although I haven't adopted your exact guidelines. I tend to try to pick more wholesome movies instead of crime and stuff. Although I haven't taken out all the sex scenes, or immoral living. I just try to pick my movies carefully.

    I applaud you for being willing to take this step!!

  3. It is hard, but considering I feel the guidance of the Lord, it's not as hard as one would think. Now there are other things He's leading me to give up, limit, cut back on...and those will be much harder, even knowing it would please Him.


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