Friday, July 19, 2013

Social Media

I can't count how many times I've tried to minimize the influx of social media in my life. I know it's important to me, to not have it take over my life in the ways it has. So I started praying. Asking Him for His help...I can't do it alone. It's very tempting.

He has helped. He's affirmed this desire in me, and helped to start changing my heart and days around. I'm please to say that the social media apps on my phone are gone (Twitter is still on there, but I'll be taking that off shortly). They have been for a few weeks now. And I've managed to stay off of my computer more and more. Thought the desire to get on it is something I face each day, like an addict, I know He will continue to help me.

I could sit here and list all the rules I've set for myself, but it's really up to you, and God, to what He would have you do in your life. 

I noticed that I didn't like who I would become, when involved with social media too much. Both who I was online and who I was to my kids and husband. Suddenly the situation online would be my whole focus, to the complete exclusion of my family. I would be short with my man, and push my kids away, just so I could read one more post. Make one more comment. I'm very sad about that conduct. I can't take those moments back, but I CAN make sure my family knows THEY are more important than anything I see online, or on my phone. (or TV.)

It's about my priorities, and they've been way off, for awhile now. I thank God that He is changing that in me. Without Him...I wouldn't do it. Couldn't do it. I wouldn't see the point, or have the ability to change that about myself.

What do you feel Him calling you to do? Will you do it? If it seems hard, pray about it. Ask Him to help you. Seek His help and He will meet you and help you. 


  1. I often fight the fact that I feel out of balance with my computer time. Thinking about how much time I waste online instead of living life and doing for others.

    For me it took making a time chart where I could monitor how many hours a week I actually log onto the computer. I still do more than most people, but I try to control where that is spent. Like for me, time on the blog is ok, because that is a ministry of sorts. But time on facebook and twitter, etc., needs to be kept minimal.

    For me it also took setting goals to work on each month to help me stick to my priorities. Plus there is a program I use to tell me if my time online is productive or distracting. And I list all social media as distracting, except for the blog.

  2. Good ideas, I'm glad you've found something that helps you. Most days now, I won't turn on my computer until the morning is well underway. I've done my quiet time with the Lord, feed the kids and myself, gotten a few things done around the house, and usually by that time, Molly is down for her nap. I love being able to have this routine with the kids. And to start my days well.

    I still spend too much time on the distractions of life. But He is helping me change that, slowly and surely! :D

    What program is it that helps you?


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