Saturday, August 24, 2013

Childishness, and Stinky Diapers

My son is wild and hyper child in the mornings. Most of the time, I tell him, "Wait until Mommy has had her 10th cuppa, and then we can race around the room, mmmkay?" He usually just laughs at me, and proceeds to run around before the allotted time, stinker. 

The other day, as I was playing with him, I was sitting on the floor, and he was on the chair. I needed to change his diaper, because Mom's let me tell you...that boy can STINK! So I told him to get down, as I reached an arm out to help him, he just jumped. Straight into my arms. Trusting, knowing that I would catch him, and keep him from harm. And in that instant, God told me...I am here to do the same to you, Peggy.

Later that morning, Jeremiah came up to me, and just wanted to sit in my lap, perfectly content to just sit still for once, and cuddle. Knowing that my arms were always open, my heart always welcoming and my love and kisses freely given. Again the Lord my God told me, I can and will do this for you too, Peggy. 

The next day or two, as I was again on the floor with both children, playing with them, being very creative with their toys, Jeremiah brought me some of the blocks and showed me how he could stack them. And knock them down again, and stack them, etc. Every time he repeated this action, I cheered him on, and told him how smart he was, how creative he was.  And again, the Lord of Lords told me, I am here, waiting to walk with you, teach you, show you, spur you on, like you do your children, Peggy. 

So many times now, He shows me through the actions of just being a wife and mom, how to live like Him. There are so many lessons in my day to day life with my family. When I started looking, and asking Him to show me those lessons, to teach me...He has, and is. It's through the little things in our days that show His teachings. He says seek Me, and you'll find Me. He says to ask of Him and He will give. (Luke 11:9 NASB)  And He isn't just saying it...He means it. The more I desire to see His hands in my life, the more I see...and the more I see it, the more I say, MORE, Lord, please just more. And on the cycle goes. He desires this relationship with me, more than I can ever understand on this side of heaven, and He created me for His purpose, for His glory, and because He WANTED too. He wanted me, so He made me. 

As a parent, I love my children very much. I love on them, cheer them on, revel in their laughter, I want to cry when they cry, hold them when they are down, and just be there, day in and out for them. How much more so does He want the same relationship with me? With you? It continually amazes me that He does indeed want that intimate relationship with me. 

Is there anything more humbling to know that the Lord of the universe, wants me? Little ol' me? With all my flaws and ugliness, sin and selfishness...

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  1. Where's the like button? Lol. :)
    And for some reason, this post reminded me of Isaiah 40:11
    "He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
    He will gather the lambs with His arm,
    And carry them in His bosom,

  2. I responded to this! :) We need those 'like' buttons everywhere. Haha...

    Thank you for the verse, Crystal.


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