Friday, August 2, 2013

God is The Ultimate

I've been going through an old study, once again. "Lord, I Want To Know You" by Kay Arthur. It takes you through the names of God, and what they show of His character. Names used to be a huge deal, and they would tell others something about you.

For example
Abram meant High Father, and when God changed it to Abraham, it meant Father of Nations. That was Gods promise to the man, not only through a covenant, but through the name as well. Other example's are Jacob to Israel, Simon to Peter, Saul to Paul. The name told others who knew the meaning, what this person was like. Who this person was. It's no less with Our Father.

I love this study.
 There is something special about knowing Him through His chosen names, to see the big picture of who He is, the promise that is who His is. One could study just His names for an entire lifetime, and still not fully comprehend the magnitude of this King of kings and Lord of lords.

The first name covered is Elohim, The Creator. It's fitting, the first name He gives of himself, is Creator. He doesn't want to leave any doubt as to where we came from, and to whom to seek out when the world threatens to overwhelm us. It's natural for us to wonder where we came from, why we are here, what is our individual purpose.

Isaiah 43: 1, 3-4, 7 tells us we're created for His glory! What is glory? In these verses its kabowd (Hebrew), meaning: abundance, honor, dignity, reputation. Also, to give the correct opinion or estimate of. So, for His glory, means we are give the correct estimate of Him, to reflect Him in this world. Talk about heavy, when I read that!

In Revelations 4:11, He says He created us because of His will. For His pleasure.

So we are here, for His glory, and His pleasure. To bring Him glory and pleasure. He choose us, created us, brought us here, for these times, and in these situations. Because it pleased Him.

If I remember nothing else about Elohim, it's this: I am here because my Creator wanted me to be, for His glory and pleasure.  I am a wife, because it pleases Him. I am a mother, because it pleases Him. Our first child went to heaven, because it brought Him glory. I get on my knees and plead my heart out to Him, because it pleases Him to hear it. 

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