Friday, February 18, 2011


Rest.  It occurs 275 times in the Bible.

Rest is beneficial to us in many ways. Our bodies need the rest, our minds need the rest, and I believe our souls do as well. HOW that rest comes is different for each need, and with each person.

With my thyroid so off, I've been exhausted with the drop of a hat these days.  Just a few hours after getting up for the day, I'm flagging again...although I can't really say I felt rested to begin with.  My wise Mom told me that I might need to just rest. That it is the season I'm in right now.

Oh a season of lovely that sounds. Yet, how scary as well. If I don't accomplish anything in a day, I feel worthless. Not because of someone telling me I am, but by a (mis)guided notion that since I'm a homemaker, I must be busy all day long.  This brings to mind, what are my expectations of myself? What are my husbands? What are Gods? Just who am I supposed to be, and what am I to accomplish?  

I'm blessed to have family that is caring and who worry about me when I'm 'off'. Sometimes I feel the pressure to do 'something' to prove my worth...but's something inside me that needs to feel my worth.  

Just maybe, I'm to seek God with the energy I do have. Seek Him, find out who I am in Him, see what my worth is to Him. All other thoughts need to be held captive to what I find. Tossed out and not believed if it doesn't follow His plan, His word or His loving way.


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