Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ruth 3:1-7

Today we're in chapter 3 of Ruth. So far Ruth has captured the attention of Boaz, and has been upright and good in her character.

Naomi is able to ease out of her suffering at this point, to see that Ruth needs protection and a husband. She feels it's her duty as a mother to provide for Ruth, as Ruth showed great honor and obedience to Naomi in following her back home. I can only imagine the love they held for each other as well for them both to bless and honor each other the way they have. Naomi is smart to instruct Ruth as she does, but she's also taking a risk.  Ruth on the other hand, listens and obeys her without question.

How often do we disobey our parents? How often do we scoff that we know better than those who have experience? How often do we laugh at God's words, thinking we know better? Or if not laughing, but completely disregarding, thinking He didn't mean it, or it's not as bad as He says?


Lord, make me a willing servant to Your words, etch them on my heart and in my mind so that I see nothing else. So that when you say Move, I ask which direction and how far? Give me the obedient heart that You desire. Amen.


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