Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marriage, homemaking and God

This morning as I caught up on my blog feed, I noticed a trend. It may be the fact that February is the 'Love' month, but I'm not convinced that it's a coincidence. Every other blog was about love, or marriage. How to purposefully lavish love on our husbands, how to make the home a peaceful warm inviting place that gives all who enter it, rest. This a wonderful trend which I hope stays.

I myself have been feeling the gentle touch of God, reminding me to love my husband, to honor him, and meet his needs daily. My selfishness fights against this before I even get up in the morning, so this is a never ending battle, if you will.

I have reminders on my wall, here in the office. Reminders of how I should see my role, and my favorite is this one, "So the godly woman comes to discover that the heart of a truly happy homemaker must be a 'servants' heart."   This is very true, and it's not any surprise is it, since God also calls ALL His children to have the heart of servants?

What is the heart of a servant? The simplest, easiest answer is humility. This is a buzz word in our society though, along with submission and meekness. But having humility is not humiliating yourself. Those who are humble think of others before themselves, making sure that needs are met, seeking to love through giving of self instead of demanding something.

Christ is our example of the perfect act of humility. He lowered himself to die for us, because he loved/loves us. So that is another definition of humility. Loving someone enough to place their needs first, knowing that God will provide for our own needs in the meantime. How awesome is that thought?

Lord Christ, I seek to follow your example, but my flesh resists this. Please give me the wisdom and strength to do as you would and have done already. I wish to honor you, and be a blessing to my husband and those around me.  Open my heart to see my selfish desires more fully and see the root of them. I wish to lay them at Your feet.



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