Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ruth 3:8-11

Continuing on today, with Ruth.

O: Ruth went and did at Naomi asked, laying herself down on Boaz's robe. He was startled to find her there, asking who she was. She told him, and asked for his covering. He blessed her, instead of turning her away, or raising an alarm. He also thanked her for picking him, as he was older.  He told her of her good reputation in town, calling her a woman of excellence.

A: God never turns us away, no matter how we meet him. Even in the most compromising positions or life, He blesses us, pulling us close and promising His protections. Do I really hold this in my heart? Do I believe this is the truth?

P: Father God, thank you for your love. Help me to see that you mean this love fully, more fully than I will know, on this side of Heaven. Thank you...


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