Sunday, February 6, 2011


Birthday, anniversaries, special occasions...these are all moments which make up a full life. Oh, how well we remember the big moments. But do you remember the small ones as well?

A peaceful sunset. A bird chirping. Childrens laughter. The smell of afternoon rain. How many of those moments decorate your life? Do you know how to slow down, to smell the roses, daisies, tulips and sunflowers of life?

With all the technology at my fingers tips, most days you'll find me typing, tapping or clicking away on something electronic. Just one more minute, I tell myself. Minutes grow when you don't watch them though. Minutes will turn into hours, hours in which I've nothing to show for.

Just how deep seated is this connection, this pull, towards technology? I learned for myself just how drawn into it I am, after our internet, TV and phones were down for a time in January. I tell myself, I can live without TV or phones, but I love my internet.  Shocking for me to learn that I CAN live without internet. I just don't want too.

How many moments pass by me, while I'm glued to my electronics? How many precious moments, or gifts do I pass up when I don't look out the windows on a drive?  What blessings pass me by when I'm distracted by something 'flashy' and new?  How much do I neglect in my house or my marriage, to wile away the hours on the internet? How much have I lost...?

Moments pass, and are not gained again. They can be relived, but time also blurs the finest memory into nothing. So memories become dreams, and when you live in memories and not life, you miss the goodness and joys of what life still has to offer. You miss the moments God has placed for you to find, experience and grow from. Even in the hard moments, don't turn away, don't close your eyes. Keep them open...or you'll miss the good that always comes with the sorrow and grief.

I'm going to go look for my moments now...and cherish them fully with open eyes and a thankful heart.


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