Sunday, March 13, 2011

Big Announcement To Share!

Well, this will be an update of sorts and a bit of excitement as well.

We celebrated/remembered Michael's re-birthday on Friday, March 11th. It was a small gathering of people who had given us support and love when we needed it the most...although, by no means was it everyone who'd helped us. I had planned to do a walk, but that went by the wayside, as the more it was discussed, the more trouble it seemed to be! So we just gathered around, looking at photos, talking, sharing, laughing, a few tears. A few gave us spring flowers to plant this year. I hope I can keep them alive, but I'm not a green thumb. We had balloons for everyone to write on. That took some time for us, but it was good. Everyone wrote something for my little fighting monkey toes. I simply wrote, I miss you, and love you. Have a sweet day in Heaven my love.

My husband and both released them together, watching as they grew smaller and smaller in the sky, until we couldn't see them anymore. Tears escaped my eyes, and my heart clinched with moments of sorrow.

It is a good memory to hold close.

It was after the balloon release, that my husband and I shared some news with everyone there. He took off his jacket to reveal a shirt that said, "Michael's a Big Brother" and I revealed a shirt that said, "Baby #2 On Board!"

We are expecting our lil rainbow baby in November this year. We found out for sure just a day before, and God's timing is always perfect, always the best. We have been given a gift, a blessing, an assurance that God hears our deep desires and hopes.

We are so happy, nervous and will face many more moments of bittersweet life.

God is good. He does know best.

As we are thankful for our blessing, we are also prayerful of my health, the babies health, and that we go full term with this one. God know's the days and hours of all, He is right now comforting this lil rainbow inside me, until I can hold him/her. Even then...the child isn't ours, but God's.

Thank you for your prayers, please keep them coming.

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