Friday, March 4, 2011


Dear young Peggy,

Hello, don't be alarmed. It's me/you. I'm sending you a letter to explain a few things and encourage you/me.

First of all, you are full of so much beauty, love and care for others. Don't tell yourself you don't love.

You shouldn't doubt your faith or God, in what he can do for you. Things happen in your life in which you find out just how strong your faith is, and how weak you are. Ride it out...and remember to breath.

Don't rush life, or love. Nothing good comes from that rush. Remember that feeling that you'd not get married or be serious with someone until around 28-30. You're right on that thought. So relax...enjoy life.

Don't just sit back and let life happen to you, engage life. Live. Make friends, pull yourself out of your comfort zone at least once a day. You'll thank yourself.

Do NOT listen to the voice that tells you, you are not good enough, you are not worthy. It's a bunch of lies...hogwash! You/I have so much value. 

Take pictures like there is no tomorrow. Make videos of people in your life. You will learn that life ends, and what it means to grieve. Embrace those you love with your whole heart, don't hold back. You might regret it one day.

Enjoy the alone-ness of being single. Go out with friends. Don't hold back on the hugs, or kind words.

Be persistent in your pursuits of interests.

Above all...


Future You.


  1. I love this! Too bad we all couldnt send a letter to the younger us. I dont regret my past but I wish I had taken the time to enjoy it more, instead of waiting for the future!
    Great letter Peggy!


  2. Heather, I agree! I have a few regrets, and I don't like having them. So I'm learning to let go of them, they don't really help my present or future.



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