Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbow Baby update!

Lil rainbow is doing fine.  Our last appointment was a few weeks ago, DOH! Our midwife took her time, and listened to the babies heartbeat, still 160, moving around a lot and sucking it's thumb! Of course, it wouldn't be our baby unless it'd given her a hard time and so it took her awhile to find the lil bean.

We had another ultrasound at almost 13wks, to check on the baby, especially with the stress of losing my Dad while still so early in the pregnancy. I don't think we'll have much to worry about with this one...lil bean is nestled nice and far back, all snug in it's watery home.

Last week, between week 14/15, I felt the babies movement for the first time, and it wasn't gas! :)  I've been feeling it mostly when I'm relaxed and sitting, or laying down. Love the little flutters.

Okay, so the picture that is always oooooo'd over: Presenting Rainbow Baby Spencer!

Don't know if you can see it, but it's sucking it's thumb!
Mommy is doing well, all things considering. I've got the usual pregnancy complaints and whoas, so I'll try not to bore you too much! lol

How about we just list the ones that I've only had with THIS baby? MMmmkay, here we go:
1. Morning Sickness (nausea) - over now thank goodness!
2. Heartburn from hell! - still with me I'm afraid!
3. Sleepless nights - this happened with Michael, but NOT as early as this pregnancy!
4. Back pain - again, happened with Michael, but not this soon.
5. Low grade headache from time to time - usually when I need to eat or drink
6. Hunger - like I want to naw off my own fingers hunger!
7. Hot then cold - only got hot with Michael, the cold thing is SO not me! lol

Thats it for now...haha! We'll see what this baby has in store for the next trimester!

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    what great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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