Monday, June 11, 2012

More Complete Randomness

So, now that I've written something...a few more things come to mind. Some that I've discussed with others, some not.

1. I feel like some people friend-ed me awhile ago, to watch how a mother deals with a childs death. I feel like I was a reality show for some. And when I didn't continue to break down or be emo...they got upset at my posts. All I can say is that I'm me, mistakes and all.

2. I love being a mom, but I want a martini, or a mai tai...both?

3. I'm not a nice, sweet and glow-y pregnant woman anymore.

4. I like to dance to music from the 80's. And that could be why my son laughs at me...

5. My husband doesn't know about number 4.

6. He does now!

7. I spend way too much time on Facebook.

And now...J is this random post is done for now. I might write a 2nd part...or I might not. HA. 

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