Monday, June 11, 2012

Updates mostly!

Although if you're on my Facebook page, you know most if not all of this!

But, we're pregnant with our 3rd. Due in November, but will probably have it in Oct. Praying to get to 36wks, then my body can do whatever it wants too.
I'm getting 'fixed' after this one. I get too sick, and with the history of premature babies because of it...we don't want to risk anything happening to either Mommy or Baby.

J is being transitioned to his own bed and is doing well. But I'm not jumping up and down...yet. It's early days and he could suddenly make it hard for us. But he's been acting like he's been ready, so I'm praying it's so and it continues to be a beautiful thing! (As I'm typing this, he is napping in his bed! It's GLORIOUS to have my arms and our bed back!)

I miss writing, but when I think of it, J usually has other ideas! So this Mommy needs to use nap time better, such as now...

I just read this article on giving birth, that had me laughing so hard, I nearly peed myself. (I'll be happy when that lovely trait is gone!) I believe I've been right well acquainted with numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. Seriously. Pregnancy is a beautiful/ugly thing. So many things that one is not told, it just ain't right, y'all! I love my husband, but let me tell you...I have probably thought of 10 bajillion ways to rudely and meanly wake him up. While I'm holding a baby and so tired I can barely stand. Also...the first poo. It really does feel like you're giving birth to it. While I don't think I'll name it...I do remember everything. about. that. time. in. the. NICU. bathroom. for. my. first. post. pregnancy. poop. *shudders* Quick...someone hand me my Tucks pads and leave me along for a bit!

But I wouldn't change one thing about it...but maybe we can lobby for liquid chocolate drips in our IV's...

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