Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sleep Transitioning = Long Nights & Grumpy Days

Sleep Transition...just the words make me groan this morning.
We've been doing so well.
And then last night happened.
And this morning...

It's enough to make a Mommy cry...

All the crying-fussing-want to be held-all-day-long-no-sleep-for-all-it's-gone-with-the-wind-what-is-sleep-ha!------

I want to sleep.
I want J to sleep.
I want world peace...and sleep for all.
Now I need a coffee IV stat!

Because of the poor nights sleep, everything today is cry because you've killed my best friend worthy. I seem to have misplaced my ear plugs today.

Mommy put me down so she could go to the bathroom = cry until I can't breath time.
Mommy went into the kitchen to get me breakfast = cry so hard I start coughing.
Mommy put me down to change me = cry until I'm a lovely shade of purple.

I love my son.
I hate sleep transitioning...

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