Friday, July 20, 2012

Pregnancy Update!

Molly and I are doing great so far, so keep the prayers up! 

Yesterday was my last day with my current provider, and I have an appointment in August with my next one. I'm having to begin the 24hour urine catches early with this pregnancy and while I don't like doing it, I know it's necessary. Also gave blood for tests, and how I wish my veins would give up the goods without causing bruising, hematomas' and pain. Sigh

Other than that, though, we're doing well. My blood pressure is loving the BP meds I'm on, and behaving for now. My thyroid is also behaving. My blood sugar levels have been normal (great). So we just keep praying and living, around here!

J and Molly already have this, 'Lets gang up on Mommy' mentality...J kicks and pushes from the outside, while Molly does the same from the inside. I'm thinking that this does not bode well for me once she is here.  Mommy will not only the be referee, but the common enemy! Should be fun! :D  *adjusts game face a little*

Here's a fun picture of J coming after me, because I have my camera in hand!

Sorry it's so blurry! 

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