Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unwanted Small House: To Small Home Filled With Life

I'm trying to make this house flow better, so that it works better for us. I'm also trying to get things sorted through, and put in a 'home'. If it doesn't have one, it doesn't stay. Pretty simple, yet not. I've also got great ideas for the kitchen, our bedroom and the kids room. Some of it costs money, some is just moving things around, and others...well those are only if we win the lottery. Which you have to pay to play. And we don't. So I guess those ideas won't happen! ;)

We're still baby-proofing along the way, as J gets into more and more things he shouldn't. I have a list going of how to modify things so that he can't get into them as easily, or pull things out! :D He is a great testing ground for Molly. 

Some of the ideas include things like L-brackets, plastic (or baskets) totes, flooring tiles, dowel rods, screws, bicycle hooks, paint, sand paper, wood stain, fabric...this list could really go on and on. :) I can't wait to show you as we go along, how we've changed this little house to a home that we can live in. Share in. Grow in. It's not one that we have loved well, since moving in, but it's been on my heart to love this little space more and more. To make it a home, not just a living storage unit.

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