Friday, August 3, 2012

40 Days Without Facebook: update

About 2 1/2 weeks into this and I'm getting stuff done around the house, and with J. And now that my lovely husband is home, I'm able to spend more time with him as well. We're getting things done around the house, and yard that needed to be done. 

The side-effects of going without social media, is that sometimes you feel as if you're missing out on what's going on in your friends lives. So my solution to this? Make plans, lists, etc to CALL them up. (Since a lot of mine are out of town/state). Simple right?! Who'd a thunk?? But I have to admit that I'm not that great at remembering to call my friends, they usually have to call me, and how it that a friendship? Sigh. Bad Peggy! 

Another side-effect is that one might feel a little disconnected from the world at large. Especially if you have friends all over the place, and world.  Then you think about this...isn't it a good thing to be able to disconnect? Because lets face it, you live in one place, with a set of people, who'd love to see more of you. Usually. So okay...put down the screens of all sizes and connect face to face, right? Again, simple, yet not!

More side-effects of sans social media. Suddenly you have TIME. You can finish those little projects, call that friend for tea, enjoy the discoveries of a child. Enjoy the current stage of pregnancy. Remember why you married your spouse. All of that and more.

I've given a love of thought to my use of social media. And what I'll end up doing with it. Where it'll go...including this blog. I don't feel it's time to express those thoughts, but pray for me, will you? Thank you :) 

Now go, enjoy LIFE outside the screens of distraction!


  1. I hate it took me two and a half Weeks to notice you were gone. :/

    I drove through a glorious thunderstorm and thought of you.


  2. Thats okay, life happens! :)

    Me and my storms! We've been having some here every week or so. In love with the sunsets and show!


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